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Solution Processing of Topochemically Converted Layered WO3 for Multifunctional Applications

Transition metal oxides (TMOs) attracts huge interest because of their tuneable optoelectronic properties, high carrier mobility, stability against harsh environments, etc. Among these, tungsten oxide (WO3) is one of the most interesting metal oxide, which has been studied over the past few decades in several applications like sensors, electrochromic devices, supercapacitors, …

Additive-free Aqueous Dispersions of Two-Dimensional Materials with Glial Cell Compatibility and Enzymatic Degradability

Two-dimensional (2D) materials are a special class of materials having a wide range of applications due to their various advantages like high aspect ratio, high surface to volume ratio, improved mechanical/ optical properties, etc., than those of their bulk counterparts. After the discovery of graphene in 2004, other layered materials like …