Hello! I’m Priyabrata. Currently, I’m pursuing my Ph.D. at the Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences (CeNS), Bangalore.

I was born in a small yet beautiful village, Tiorkhali, which comes under Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal. Yes, I am a bong guy! I spent most of my life there until higher studies sent me far away from my sweet home. I miss them nowadays. Anyway, I have to stop myself from being nostalgic before you feel too boring!

I did my bachelor studies in PK College, Contai in physics. Then I moved to the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 2016 for post-graduation. Immediately after completion of my master’s studies, I joined CeNS Bangalore in 2018 to carry out my research work.
My research mainly focuses on processing several layered materials like hexagonal boron nitride, metal oxides, pnictogens, etc., and using them in suitable applications. You can check out some research work in my blog’s “Research updates” section. Feel free to contact me if you have anything in your mind regarding my research. We can work together on the same project, which I would like to have!

Of course, I do have some hobbies on which I spent most of my free time. I do watch a lot of movies, irrespective of the languages. You may suggest some, and in return, I can also share some masterpieces that you may not know. I love to read and write short stories in Bengali. There is a separate “Stories” section in my blog for this purpose. I do love cooking.

Once again, a warm welcome to my blog! You can explore different posts, and I hope you will have a great experience!
We can also stay connected through social media! If you wish, we can have some informal chat or something over there!

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Goodbye! Namaskar!🙏